Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I had to come and post this here. I am so excited to finally have become a vendor over at http://thebabywearer.com . I even have my very own rate me button for my baby carriers. The Rating of course is only for my baby carriers. So if you have purchased a sling, Mei Tai or Podaegi from me please leave a rating :D Thanks.

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And of course a general link to TBW.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Here is another way too long in coming update. I have been so busy with the carrier fairy round. I just finished the last project so I can start posting some of the things I hand crafted for this round. the last one of course has to wait until the fairy has recieved. I am pretty tired and sore form doing so much in the last month. I will only be working on projects for the new baby and my kids in the next few weeks and I have a small project I need to finish for my sil too.
I will start with my first messanger bag. It was really fun coming up with a bag that suited the mama's needs. the reciever of this bag is a musician so she wanted to use it for sheet music and the like. Luckily I still had some sheet music of my own laying around to get measurements from. It's made from corduroy and a bonsia print fabric.

Here is a podaegi and a matching bag I made for my etsy store...

The pod is minkee lined and oh so soft.

And this was a custom order for the fairy round. It is a gorgeous echino print/corduroy/minkee pod.

The last 2 carriers will have to wait seeing as the fairies have yet to recieve, but they are both worth the wait. Have a crafty day!