Friday, December 14, 2007

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Friday, December 07, 2007

I love contests and had to let you all know about this one for a $250 gift certificate.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yet again I am doing a catch up post. This is going to be a picture heavy entry. I have had lots of fun with the harvest fairy round and I made some fun stuff for me and my kids.

This series of photo's shows a custom Mei Tai I made as a fairy gift for a good friend. The straps are a soft corduroy padded for about the first 30 cm on top with 4 layers of warm and white. The bottom straps are double padded, but the actual body of the carrier adds 3 more layers of material within the waist strap. The body is Amy Butler Lotus, a hidden layer of canvas and a super soft cream corduroy. I made the body a bit taller then an early model to accommodate a toddler. The pictures don't show, but I later added loops on the upper straps to hold the hood up when baby is sleeping.

This is another custom Fairy order. It is a Podaegi made with a cream corduroy straps and a panel made from a Simon Didymos. You may notice in the first picture I kept the original width of the wrap, and just added a pleat.

This is another Podaegi made from a piece of a German woven wrap. This colorway is a Ginko Indio Didymos. I kept the original taper from the wrap, I just like how it looks. I added the pleat to this one as well. It has corduroy straps as well. So soft and snugly. This one is listed in my store as a second, because of a small inch long run that I had to repair in the straps.

This was an order I made for my SIL. I basically added a pocket for utensils and a tie to a placemat.

I was bored one night and had just gotten in this gorgeous fabric from a wonderful etsy seller ( ). I decided to try something new. I will have a link to a tutorial for the skirt up soon, just waiting for the mama to publish it. The pants are unfinished in the first picture. I used a pattern I found at the local fabric store. I plan on making dresses with pink corduroy and a pink version of the owl fabric for the girls, I just need to find a pattern I like.