Monday, April 28, 2008

Another much needed update. Let me say my new White sewing machine has left this house. I hated it. I had a mini sewing breakdown 2 weeks ago while I was trying to sew my first cloth diaper. Told Luc I was going to throw the machine out the window. I was having issues with the bobbin underneath getting all jammed and knotted up. I knew it wasn't something I was doing wrong and the machine was all threaded correctly and the tension was fine. Luc agreed to take it in. We were very lucky that when we went in the old owner of the store was there. She sat down with the machine and my poor sad diaper and tried to sew. It took her a couple of minutes to figure out what was wrong, but I was right it wasn't something I was doing. Turns out the walking foot was causing my machine to loose tension. I decided I wanted to return it and we used the money towards a wonderful new machine. :D It's a Pfaff. We got a bit of a deal on it since it was the floor model which is good, b/c they are expensive. It's amazing though, like sewing through butter. Enjoy my wee model.

This is my 43 pound almost 4 year old. She thought this was a hoot.

This is a custom sling I made for a friend. Those darn sock monkeys are so cute.