Thursday, March 29, 2007

What a busy sewing day today has been. One of my favorite websites has been down all day for upgrades ( ) So this is what I did with my spare time.

I made curtains for the girls room. This was a great fabric find even if it's not the right fabric for curtains.

And I finally attached the webbing to the pseudo ergo I made. I am not loving it, but DH says it's okay. I made it more for him anyway. If I lose weight it won't fit me. Arianne loves it.

I also made a ring sling out of a piece of a Kairo Hopp I bought. It is really long though so I may have to redo it tomorrow and no pictures, because I finished it after Sebastien went to sleep.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well today will be the day that I list my first pouch for sale on the website. It will be the sister pouch to this one. I will be listing it for $25 plus shipping. Now to decide should I pad it or not. Shipping is going to be about $8.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well I have trying and working to get a website up that will list prices and show pictures of what I have. I will make things on a custom basis so that I don't have alot of stock ready made. Most of the thing sI make I can have done in a few hours. so this it what I have so far.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I have been a busy beaver. I have to say my repect for makers of soft structured carriers has gone way up. They are labour intensive. Here is my version of the Ergo/Beco.

And the Duponi silk lining.

And a reversible pouch. It has the same fabric on the reverse.

I will be making matching soft shoes and a bag and possibly a do' rag for me :D
More to come...

Monday, March 19, 2007

So I am thinking of trying to sell these bags on ebay. I am planning on making 3 sizes "The big Un" and start bidding at $35 "Just Right" Starts at $30 and "The Wee One" at $25. Idealy I would like to get more for each bag, but we will see what the market allows for. Custom work would be $30 plus you supply the decorative fabric. As for the clothes I won't be making any to sell. That is just for my fun and enjoyment. :D

I am planning on selling slings and pouches and maybe meitais on a small local level. My chiropractor was very interested when I told her I make my own slings. So I left a bumch of cards for the shopping cart covers website ( ) I am hoping to get more work done on the website when I have a chance, but currently I have no program so I am stuck using the yahoo webpage builder and it isn't the best.

Maybe somewhere down the road NuggleMe will be a household name. I can always hope right.
Another busy sewing weekend and this time my little boy helped out.
I also made this pouch. I dyed the cotton myself as an experiment. It was interesting, but not something I think I will try again. Too messy.
This is a skirt I made for Easter for Amelie. I gnore the untrimmed loose threads LOL She was so excited to wear it. I got this denim cheap at the local thrift shop so it cost me maybe $2 to make. I am planning on doing one for Arianne too.

I also made this great tote/diaper bag as a new baby gift for an online friend. It is a big bag, great for all the extra stuff you need with a newborn.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Well I haven't been feeling crafty lately. That is until my sock monkey fabric showed up. Yesterday my oldest daughter had a snow day so the younger kids were more interested in tomenting her instead of me. LOL. So I got busy and made myself a diaper/tote bag to match a Mei Tai that I recieved as a gift from my wonderful Carrier Fairy. So here it is. It really is a huge bag (dimentions to come) The base and straps are made from a cord I picked up at the local thrift shop.

This is the inside of the bag and the two pockets.