Monday, March 19, 2007

So I am thinking of trying to sell these bags on ebay. I am planning on making 3 sizes "The big Un" and start bidding at $35 "Just Right" Starts at $30 and "The Wee One" at $25. Idealy I would like to get more for each bag, but we will see what the market allows for. Custom work would be $30 plus you supply the decorative fabric. As for the clothes I won't be making any to sell. That is just for my fun and enjoyment. :D

I am planning on selling slings and pouches and maybe meitais on a small local level. My chiropractor was very interested when I told her I make my own slings. So I left a bumch of cards for the shopping cart covers website ( ) I am hoping to get more work done on the website when I have a chance, but currently I have no program so I am stuck using the yahoo webpage builder and it isn't the best.

Maybe somewhere down the road NuggleMe will be a household name. I can always hope right.

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