Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well I didn't win the Husquavarna Serger. Guess I have to go back to saving up for one. Maybe by the time the girls are getting married I'll have one. LOL.

The last couple of days I have been busy sewing up a Laptop sleeve and a bag to carry my new laptop in. It's been on my mind for a month or more but I couldn't get to it. Finally on Saturday night I sketched out what I wanted and then Sunday took some time to sew. I had so much trouble figuring out how to do a sleeve. I was going about it my usual way of winging it and it just didn't work. I ended up with a lovely reversible piece of fabric that zipped up but was open on both sides. Not quite what I was going for, Then I wan going to have it just be a center pocket, but it was WAY too big.

The seam ripper was my best friend.

Finally I set everything aside since I was getting frustrated and decided to tackle it again Monday.

First thing I did was track down a tutorial on how to make a zippered laptop sleeve. With that done it actually went really quick and I was done in no time. Thanks for a fab tutorial!

Next I had to shrink the tote bag down a bit and assemble it.  Totes are no problem for me thank goodness so it went fast as well. I will have to go back and add some fusible fleece and a strip of denim to secure the straps too. Right now the bag isn't as sturdy as I like. It works though since I don't actually GO anywhere with it LOL It is just a place to put my computer so the kids don't get into it.

If you have made it all this way through my rambling here are the pictures of the final product. I love it!!!

Laptop bag

Inside pockets one zipper one not

Bag with laptop sleeve.