Monday, May 17, 2010

I promised more pictures of the dress, here you go. This will be the dress we do her yearly portraits in so I am sure you will be sick of it. It is made from the Miley epattern. This is a great beginners pattern. All the directions were easy to follow and having the pictures was a huge help for someone who needs to see each step like I do. I did have a bit of trouble figuring out what one step was trying to say about sewing the gussets to the side/front/back but it's intuitive anyhow and after getting DH to read it over and tell me what he thought it meant it made sense. It would have been nice to have a number picture for that step. All in all I would say maybe 4-5 hours of sewing time. The ruffles took the longest and the applique. I am not sure I love the pocket but Miss G adores it so I think all in all it's a win. I will have to get her to wear wear her petti for the next bunch of pictures to get the full effect of how awesome this dress is. As for the ruffles, they were a pain, but boy do I love how they look. So they were worth it!

Here is the pattern pieces most of them. I printed it onto regular paper and because I was using the biggest size just used that. For the one piece that I couldn't just cut and use because of how the lines flowed for the other sizes I traced it onto tissue first.

And some ruffle candy... I just  love how they look.

The front of the dress

Side view

See pretty

Think she likes it?


affectioknit said...

Really pretty!

Tara V. said...

WOW, it turned out amazing! I want a set! I soooo envy you, as I have tried to learn to sew countless times with no success!

Nugglemama said...

Thank you!

Stephanie said...

Aren't gussets the best thing for little girls' dresses?! Great job!