Thursday, July 02, 2009

A good sewing friend of mine posted about the Sew Mama Sew sewing machine Master list and it is such an essential resource I thought I'd share.

And this is the machine I use, mine came to me in a round about way. My Walmart bargain Singer decided to give up the ghost and die on me so I went with a small budget in mind to the local sewing shop. I went home with a white jeans machine. I was very very pregnant at the time and wasn't ab;e to really test it out. at about 2 weeks post-partum I tried my first sewing project with the new machine, a cloth pocket diaper, it was a disaster. after 2 days of cursing and crying my wonderful DH took me back to the store and we had he machine looked at. The technician looked at it and said it was fine. Oh boy it wasn't. I think I spent another whole week trying to get the darn dipes to sew but I was having horrible tension issues and I knew it wasn't me or how I threaded it so back we went. Well I let the owner of the store try it out. She was so nice and so very helpful. It was a tension issue with the presser foot. I used my payment of that machine toward my new floor model Pfaff and made monthly payments for 6 months and got the perfect machine for me. I absolutely love my Pfaff and am so glad I spent the money and got a good machine.

If you are ever in Trois Rivieres and looking for a new sewing machine ou Machine a coudre go to Ateliers R. Vallée Inc they are wonderful!

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KID, MD said...

I'm in there! It is an awesome resource. It is amazing how many blogging sewists there are out there.