Monday, December 07, 2009

Been busy sewing things up and trying new things in anticipation of the holidays. I am also hoping at some point to stock my etsy store again which has been sadley neglected since ddwas born. Last week I tried a bunch of different ways of making gift bags.I think I have figured out a unique design that is functional and pretty. I also made up a pair of Jammie pants for my oldest. tonight I will be busy sewing up a cover for my new mixer even though I really should be working on a quilt. Hmm maybe I will pick out fabrics for the next quilt and start cutting tonight if nothing else. Here are a few pictures to tide you over. :)

A quilt for one of my dd's I think my oldest will like it.

And Jammie pants for her awaiting elastic in the waist.

I got in a bunch of hair clips too so I will be having some fun making pretties in the new year.

Felt pizza for my youngest. My oldest dd helped me hand stitch it :)


Leslie said...

these are such great projects. i love your wonderland quilt top!!!

Skooks said...

That quilt is amazing!