Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa

I have twill I have twine I have flannels and that's fine. I have terry and cord and even some extras I hoard. But most have been spoken for 10 tiny feet. That seem to have clothing needs that I have to meet.

This year for a change maybe something for me? I have been a very good girl and did all my work. All I want in my stocking this year are goodies from here. What to choose though a layer cake, a jelly roll? Both treats that are sweet. A turnover a Honey bun? Oh there are choices galore!!!

I think what is need is a big old fat quarter bundle to fill my need for something sweet and oh what a sweet it would be. So please please Santa bring this harried Maman to 5 something nummy to play with in the new year! This would be nice!!

I blame hours spent sewing the kids gifts for the lack of rhyming ability. ;) Maybe next year I will ask for sleep lol.

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brightandblithe said...

The only thing better than the poem is the picture! Thanks for a great laugh. I love the name of your blog. My little one says "Mama, tuggle me"!

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