Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been a very busy elf making things for the kids for Christmas as posted about before. Here are the pictures of the latest things I have made and am working on.

A Barrett holder. Bonus point because I get to look at one of my favorite fabrics all the time.

Jammie's for dd2.

Quilt squares for same dd.:) going to hopefully finish the blanket in time.

A pincushion for me.


Skooks said...

Coming over to visit from TBW. I love where your quilt squares are going. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. :)

Natalia said...

Very cute projects! I also love the material you used on your barrette holder and your pincushion is so darling! I want to make one just like it! :) Your blocks are also very cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

Sew It Up! said...

Very cool idea with the barrette holder. I could of used one of those. I really like the blocks you are working on. Thanks for sharing!

Nina... said...

Such pretty projects, love the little monkeys. Thanks for sharing. happy holidays!

Trisha said...

Great taste in fabric!! I made pjs out of the same ladybug fabric and a quilt for my niece out of the monkey fabric.

The barrette holder is great.

Merry Christmas!!!

beth said...

lady bug pjs=cute!