Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Crafty Sunday

My two oldests helped me work on a couple of projects today. It was so nice. We worked a bit on felt food for the baby. Today's menu a piece of lettuce, some pepperoni and cutting out some cookies to stich up this week. Also my DD2 and I finished up a fabric wreath we have been working on. It's really easy and a real scrap buster. Basically I cut strips 2 inches by 10 and then tied them onto a reshaped metal hanger. I hot glues a ribbon to cover the wire on the top and then a big bow later. I may do a tutorial somewhere down the line once i regain feeling in my fingers from cutting all that fabric with pinking shears. LOL> Would be way easier if you used a honeybun or jelly roll. And for those who like pictures here they are starting with DS's PJ's. No cars sadly but he likes Dino's almost as much :)
Think she is happy to be sewing with Mama?
Working hard
See Mama I am playing too. Love Play Doh!
She is so focused and kept telling me it didn't matter what we were doing just that we were doing it together <3.
The finished wreath. Now I have to find a good place in my sewing area to hang it. Goof! LOL.
And last but not least a studious DH. He has been studying so hard this weekend and is going to ace his test I know it!
I still have one quilt to make from start to finish and one to baste and quilt and bind and one to quilt and bind. HMM I am thinking I will be a very busy sewing Mama in the next few days. Oh and one last pair of Jammie's. Those only take me an hour though so can be last minute. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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